Thank you. Because you are gifting a soup and a sandwich to a homeless person in Barcelona when you buy one of our colourful accessories. 

We know that colour can’t solve every problem in the world. But we do believe in trying to spread this little splash of happiness as far as we can. 

We are thrilled to support the amazing work of Esperança, a homelessness charity in Barcelona. Twice a week a team of volunteers walks the streets giving out food, clothes, and love to people who need it most. 

We donate 10% of every sale to charity and for Esperança this equates to a soup and a sandwich for every pair of earrings sold. 

Our accessories are gifts. A gift to you or to someone you love. And a gift to someone in need.



Because we need to keep our planet happy all our packaging has been created with sustainability in mind.

The gift boxes are created from recycled boxboard and are fully recyclable. And we haven’t printed on the box so you can also reuse or gift it. 


Also, the envelope used to send them are made from recycled materials, have a double-adhesive strip so you can reuse it, and is printed with water-based inks... making it 100% home compostable, and recyclable!