I have this thing for colour. It helps me do the laundry. It helps me clean up the kids’ toys. And it definitely helps with the toddler tantrums. Okay, maybe I’m exaggerating. Just a little bit. But try it. The next time you feel exhausted put on a yellow jumper, or some red lippy, and see if it doesn’t give you a little splash of happiness.

The Colour Edit was born out of my love for colour and the desire to make others feel good in a little way every day. My accessories are handmade in Barcelona and designed to make you feel special, stylish, and a little bit sassy. 

When I’m not sitting on the floor, piecing together colourful circles and gold sparkles, I can normally be found running after my two young daughters (who love to run in opposite directions) or eating sushi with my husband (ahhh, that means the kids are in bed!) 

After a few years of full-time mumming as a British expat in Spain, I created The Colour Edit to bring all my passions together - my love of creativity, colour, and photography. This business brings a little splash of happiness into my life every day and I hope it will for you too.

Love Zoe x